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July 18, 2013
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MM: Senka Sauveterre by Tishawish MM: Senka Sauveterre by Tishawish

Edit: Updated art o v ob
Edit: Got in amg; v ; Now I'm gonna redraw Senka because I didn't actually like how she turned out here hahaha

Senka "Atsuko" Sauveterre


5' 3"(160cm)

95 lbs.


Year Level:
Year Two

Nothing special, a basic army knife her father had lying around. She took it without his permission but she doesn't think he's realized it's missing. "It's for self defense!" 


Arcana Rank:
Rank 1



+ Exploring the unknown
+ Doodling
+ Pocky
+ Music
+ Lazy afternoons
+ Cool colours
+ Desserts
+ Her scarf

- Math
- Being guilt-tripped
- Her phone
- Being called out on her weaknesses
- Her height
- Expending energy on something unnecessary

Senka acts aloof most of the time, not wanting to invest too much of herself in situations that may hurt her emotionally. It's something she learned to do from shifting schools so much(read history). It's also the reason she struggles to enjoy school, though she tries her best to keep calm when in class. She can be pretty tardy when it comes to appointments though she makes an effort if it was particularly important. Her mindset is not to expect anything of others because expectation only breeds disappointment and disappointment is not something she likes to experience. She could be mistaken for a tomboy(especially with her hair short) but really, she still has girly tendencies. She's quick witted and reacts fast to situations that call for it, but she's also very reckless and is quick to take risks if she thought it would help the situation. She tries to be nice most of the time, but she's also short tempered and is quick to snap back if provoked. She is wary of people who get close to her because to her, everyone in school is never a constant variable.

TL;DR She acts impassive, she is undeciplined, quickwitted, short tempered, helpful in serious situations(or likes to think she is) and expects nothing from others because disappointment sucks. Wary of being close to others.

+ Fast learner
+ Observant
+ Quick on her feet
+ Determined
+ Nimble

- Reckless
- Easily influenced
- Impulsive
- Short tempered
- Has no sense of direction

Born and raised in Japan to a French father and Japanese mother. Senka's mother left her and her father when Senka was a toddler and she hasn't seen her since. She barely remembers her mother so she doesn't think much of it. Senka appreciates her father very much seeing as he was the one who raised her as an only parent. At one point, he was the only constant in her life. They were forced to shift around a lot because of her father's work. He didn't want her to grow up without both her parents so he took her along wherever he went, though he was very aware of the hardships it would impose on Senka. Moving around so much meant she never made close bonds with anyone in each of her new schools.

When she turned 14, her father remarried another Japanese woman. This woman brought about good things, Senka was happy that her father seemed to be genuinely enjoying life since meeting her stepmother. Senka's father still moved around a lot and it was at the suggestion of her stepmother that he decided to enroll Senka into Higashimori High so that Senka could get a semblance of a proper schooling experience.

RP Sample:
Standing in front of everyone was pretty unnerving but it was something she got used to pretty quickly. An introduction huh? I've done this so many times, I've lost the will to even be nervous, she thought through half-lidded eyes. She lifted her gaze onto her schoolmates. "Good morning, my name's Senka Sauveterre, born and raised right here in Japan. My father is French, hence the weird last name," she said, before adding, "and no, I don't like eating snails and my French is about as good as a grade schooler's." She's been asked too many times in the past. Do you really eat snails? Say something in French! She almost rolled her eyes at the memory. "Ah, let's make the best of the school year together," she did a quick bow and tried a smile... maybe trying a little too hard.

+ There's nothing special about her scarf, she just really likes it. Ties it around her waist in the Summer.
+ Her father calls her Atsuko, a nickname that she'd had since she was a baby which her real mother gave her. It meant a warm, kind and honest person.
+ She wants to be taller so she didn't have to look up at so many people.
+ In a love/hate relationship with her hair.
+ Actual hair colour is a little darker, she dyed it because she can.
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Antares25 Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats getting in~:iconcreeepycatplz:

Hope to rp with you soon~:iconloveloveplz:
and hooray to more wands~:iconyaybunnyplz:they're now an MM endangered specie:iconpapmingplz:
Eeee, thank you very much:iconlazeblushplz:
Of course, I look forward to it; v ;

Wands represent! Senka reporting for duty o v o/
Antares25 Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Visit us in chat whenever~:iconpedobeareyesplz:
Yumaki Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahaha, seems like *Ribbon-Knight perfectly summed up everything I wanted to say. But because Senka really is an awesome character, I'll gladly repeat it: I hope she'll have a fun time at HHS, seeing as to what she experienced at other schools, and that she'll get along with her new stepmother. And wow.... Senka is just beautiful with her hair and scarf. :iconholyshitohmygodplz::iconluvluvplz: //hesitantly touches screen

"No, I don't like eating snails and my French is about as good as a grade schooler's." - OMG, I really feel with her there, ahaha... ha.... :iconhttgplz: <33 Worry not, for no one at HHS shall ask you such stupid questions again. /SHOT
W-whaaat! Amfg, why are you all so nice?:iconcraiplz:  I'm sure she'll enjoy school sooner or later(I hope) with the people she'll meet ; v ;b
Cries, thank you so much//throws her at you

Poor bby, it's okay, I can relate//pats Can you really vouch for everyone? LOL.
Welcome to the jungle. 

We've got fun and games. :iconyaranaikaplz:
Ohoho thank you... I like fun and games.
Ribbon-Knight Jul 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hello, hello, welcome to Morphos!~

Seems like Senka's been through a lot with all those transfers but I'm glad her dad remarried such a nice gal. ;v;  Senka's quite the cutie too, I like her design - no wonder she likes her scarf, it looks awesome on her! I hope we get to RP sometime~
Thank you for the welcome ; v ;

Amg you're very sweet, thank you again!
I hope we get to RP sometime too<33
Ribbon-Knight Jul 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You're so welcome<3

And sojdsdojso aaaaaa thank you, sweet of you to say so! QuQ
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